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Garden Design is about creating a natural space personal to you

Gardens are as individual as people. What you want from a garden is different to your neighbour or anyone else in your street. Garden design is about creating a space that shows that individuality and satisfies your requirements for a garden. With my extensive experience I can interpret your requirements of use, colour, spaces and movement into the plants, layout and landscape features that will bring it all together.

Individual Approach to Garden Design

CNV00046.jpgThe process of designing a garden will be as different as your ideas for the garden. You may already know most aspects of what you want, down to the layout, plants and seasonal features. Alternatively you may know what you want to use your garden for, and very general themes by need me to help bring clarity and detail to your garden space. Wherever you are in the planning of your garden design I feel I can help you. I do this by bringing my experience and expertise to the project and then executing the garden design with the detail and care that I developed in my years with the National Trust. Why not contact me today about your garden design project and we can talk about how best to realise your own personal vision for your garden. DSC5225.jpg