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Restoring The Beauty of Gardens

IMG_6869Whether you have simply not had time to attend to your garden or if you have just moved into a property with a garden that has not been loved for some time you can return your garden to being a special and beautiful place again.

Garden regeneration starts with understanding your needs from the garden space, both its use and how much ongoing care you require for it to stay in good shape.

With this in mind I then review with you the assets within your garden, in order to retain key features and a plan to deliver your vision.

Caring Garden Regeneration

IMG_6831Rather than simply destroying what is in your garden and starting over, garden regeneration aims to utilise what you already have that fulfils your requirements and then removing what is surplus to need to be replaced with something more suitable.

In my experience people are often unaware of treasures that lurk in their garden from beautiful shrubs that simply need some care to flourish to fruit trees that need to be tamed to be productive and attractive again.

If you have a garden that hasn’t had enough love and care for a while, don’t despair or think you need to start over. I can help you completely transform your garden in a way that will preserve that which is valuable and useful. Why not contact me today so we can talk about your garden space, however big or small and what you would like it transformed into.