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Organic Gardening in Harmony With Nature

Whether you specifically want to attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies into your garden or you simply want gardening to be undertaken more in harmony with nature I can help you. Gardening naturally for me simply means understanding the needs of nature and how this can be combined with your requirements from your garden space. You don’t have to have an overgrown garden with lots of nettles for it to be good for wildlife!

With the increasing pressure on British wildlife many birds, animals and native plants have found gardens an important refuge from intensive farming techniques and increasing urbanisation. There are many things that you can do within your gardening to aid wildlife.

Gardening Naturally with Ducks

Peter Gardening with the Help of a Client’s Ducks

  • Support honey and bumble bees by having flowering plants available for as long a season as possible and ensure the flowers are of a simple construction that they can access the nectar and pollen. Flower meadows are especially good at providing bees and other insects with food.
  • Encourage butterflies again with flowering plants, especially in places that get early morning sun to enable them to warm up. Avoid serious cutting back of ivy from walls in the winter as butterflies often hibernate here.
  • Wild birds need insects for their young through the Spring and Summer and access to food and water through the colder months. Plant native species, especially trees, that will naturally have insects on them without becoming infested to provide a food source. Have plants such as the Buddleia (good for butterflies also) and teasels and do not cut the flower heads off until the spring so they provide natural food for birds such as Goldfinches.
  • Reduce the use of chemicals within the garden and use smart planting and natural approaches to pest control to make yours an organic garden.

If you would like to talk to me more about your requirements for natural gardening, whether completely chemical free organic gardening, or simply making your garden more of a haven for wildlife without compromising its beauty please contact me.

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